Thursday, 31 March 2016

Cheval Blanc Double Blanche

I did my brother a tiny favour and he reciprocated by bringing me a bottle of Cheval Blanc Double Blanche, both a "strong wheat beer on lees" and a "Belgian style, dry-hopped IPA." The 750mL corked bottle contained a cloudy gold liquid that packed a respectable 6.2% alcohol. From Montreal, Quebec, Cheval Blanc is the product of Les Brasseurs RJ.

C.B. poured with a very lively layer of eggshell head. Through that cloud, a hearty aroma of yeast and dry bitterness emerged, as well as a faintly perfumed floral tone. In terms of flavour, the beer is amply hoppy (I'd have said it was more bitter than the 55 IBUs listed on the label) and very dry. There was a well-muscled yeast presence that left no illusions about the beer's Belgian-inspired roots.

I thought that Cheval Blanc was a pretty decent ale: good strength, strong flavour, and sold in a large format. It wasn't the Québécois interpretation of a Belgian ale I've ever tasted, but it sipped easily and left me feeling pretty cheery.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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