Monday, 21 March 2016

Armchair Scotch Ale

The 500mL bottles of Armchair Scotch Ale have an almost irresistible label--a simple design that features a cozy looking chair.  The aesthetic of this beer puts comfort in front of mind, and that appeals to my slothful nature. Armchair comes from Hanover, Ontario, where it's brewed by Maclean's Ales Inc. A nicely boozy ale (it tips the scales at 7.5%), Armchair pours clearly, with a lovely dark amber colour and a valiant off-white head.

Its aroma is quite malty, with elements of toasted caramel and molasses. The flavour, too, is malt-dominated. The beer is rich without being particularly sweet, which appeals to me, as does its warm notes of caramel and bourbon.

I really enjoyed the time I spent sitting with Armchair Scotch Ale. Though it isn't listed on the label, there is a woody quality that suggest cask aging. The flavour is pleasant and full, but not overbearing or brash. And it's a pretty beer, too. A delight!

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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