Sunday, 31 May 2015

Red Racer India Session Ale

Red Racer India Session Ale recently popped up in Ontario. Previously, I'd only been able to enjoy this stuff in British Columbia, where its brewed in Surrey by Central City Brewers + Distillers. My previous experience with this I.S.A. involved playing bocce with one of my best friends in a beautiful garden, just a stone's throw from the Pacific Ocean, so I might be a tad predisposed to like the stuff. It comes in neon green cans which contains 473mL of clear, cheery golden liquid described as light ale.

At just 4%, Red Racer's sessionable brew won't leave you in a state unless you really try. However, despite its low-alcohol birth weight it manages to pack in a respectable amount of aroma and an acceptable level of flavour. On the nose, there are juicy, squishy mango notes as well as a suggestion of decent hops. These same fruity and bitter elements come through as soon as the brew hits the tongue, though they depart before the party really starts to get good, leaving the finish thin and uninspired.

At 4%, it's gotta be tough to maintain big flavour and pleasing mouthfeel. For a sessionable beer, this stuff gets the job done admirably. I'd have liked a more assertive and imposing finish, though in truth that might have necessitated upping the booze level--something that would have pleased me, but which obviously defeats the purpose of the I.S.A. If you want light beer strength with more than an echo of I.P.A. character, Red Racer I.S.A. fills those specs to the letter. Just don't expect the hearty flavour of the Red Racer India Pale Ale.

Rating: 9.0 as a light beer; 7.5 overall.

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