Monday, 11 May 2015

Big Dog Porter

While cooling my heels before attending a play, I visited Tallboys, Toronto's premier dispensary of canned libations. As is my wont, I was on the lookout for something unfamiliar to me, as well as something local to Ontario. Neustadt Springs Brewery's Big Dog Porter fit those requirements like a glove. I was provided with a silver 473mL can adorned with a simple sticker bearing the salient details--name, brewery, and strength (5.5%). The stuff comes from Neustadt, Ontario.

Big Dog proved to be a dark brownish Amber colour--quite light for a porter. It poured with a nice cover of light tan head and exudes an aroma of roasted malts and nuts.  It tastes about the same--malt over molasses, with some nut notes. There's a touch of hops evident at the finish.

Not a bad brew by a far measure, though it does fall short of the lofty standard set by 10W40. I feel like a beer called Big Dog should have a bit more bite--more strength and more bombast. However, this beer by any other name would still be a bit better than decent. 

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.

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