Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Evil Conscience Black IPA

I was supposed to play squash on sunny, February Saturday afternoon, but as I neared the courts, I received a text from my prospective opponent to the effect that he'd overslept and wouldn't make it. Because he's a bum. With an unexpected few hours to fill, I first went to the farmer's market and bought some Québécois cheese, but after that, a powerful thirst drove me underground--down to C'est What?, one of Toronto's finest beer-drinking venues. Their draught list is always impressive, and after dithering for a few minutes, I settled on a cask black IPA from Granite Brewery.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Evil Conscience Black IPA contains 6.1% alcohol and tips the scales at a hearty 65 IBUs. My pint was black as night, opaque, and covered with a foam of creamy head. I found Evil Conscience to be light on aroma, but big on flavour. It's nose had some piney bitterness, along with some roasty malt notes; both in restrained measure. In terms of taste, though, this beer let its hair down a bit more. There was a slice of espresso bitterness tangled up with evergreen hops. Roasted malt elements simmered underneath the surface as did a faint hint of anise.  A cask ale, Evil Conscience also displayed a very smooth, creamy mouthfeel.

Toronto's cask ale kings, Granite, delivered a real winner with Evil Conscience Black IPA. Packed with flavour, velvety, and lovely--I highly recommend it.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10.

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