Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Princess Wears Girl Pants

The Princess Wears Girl Pants is a curiously named brew out of Gravenhurst, Ontario. It's brewed by Sawdust City Brewing Co., though according to the bottle it's actually brewed and bottled by Etobikoke's Black Oak Brewing Co. The lime green label on the 650mL bottle invites the drinker to "enjoy this beer and remind yourself just how lucky you are!" This brew is billed as a "hoppy, Belgian inspired golden ale". It contains a chunky 9% alcohol, as well as 35 IBUs.

This dull, pale gold ale is hazy and poured with a very thick white head; though within a brief time, the head thinned to a manageable level. There is a very citrusy aroma with some tropical notes and a whiff of yeast. Like its quirky name, this beer has a decidedly unusual taste. It starts with heaps of fruit flavour--particularly grapefruit and passion fruit--delivered with a lively, though understated, yeast quality. The finish has a pretty fierce hop presence and is quite dry. The alcohol content is deceptive.

I expected this beer to have more of a Belgian tang, but I guess it does only claim to be "Belgian inspired". Fruitier than anticipated, this is a pretty fun beer. Easily one that I'd revisit.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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