Monday, 15 December 2014

Hops & Bolts India Pale Lager

Hops & Bolts India Pale Lager comes from Creemore, Ontario. It's built by Mad & Noisy Brewing, which appears to be related to Creemore Springs Brewery, which in turn is owned by Molson. It's sold in 473mL cans, contains 5.3% alcohol, and tips the scale at a muscular 60 IBUs. "Not for the faint of hops", says the can.

H & B is an almost clear copper lager topped with a thick 'n' creamy off white head--it looks a lot like an English ale. The nose has considerable metallic hops notes, as well as a waft of spicy grain. This beer is initially malty and grainy, but only for an instant before it veers sharply toward bitter. It finishes dryly with emphasis on hops--though it's also a bit tinny. The can had me prepared to taste grapefruit, nut, chocolate, and caramel. I can't say I found all of that. I definitely tasted some citrus notes, and also some caramel. Nuts and chocolate were beyond the range of my feeble palate.

All told, this was a reasonably enjoyable little concoction. I'd buy it again, though it'll never be a refrigerator staple in my house.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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