Thursday, 11 December 2014

Fat Bottom Brewing Co.

During a 2013 visit to Nashville, Tennessee, I had the pleasure to visit the Fat Bottom Brewing Co. with my beautiful wife and the inimitable, unbeatable K.C. Fat Bottom is situated in East Nashville, a very cool part of that city and not to far from K.C.'s house at the time.

I ordered myself a flight of four beers, since they were unfortunately sold out of their red ale. My flight was comprised of:
  • Ida--A Belgian-style golden ale at 6.2% and 27 IBUs;
  • Knockout I.P.A.--At 5.9% and a hearty 80 IBUs;
  • Black Betty India Black Ale--A 5.1% brew with 56 IBUs; and
  • Bertha--An oatmeal stout at 4.5% and at 55 IBUs.
Of these four, I found the Knockout to be the strongest offering. All four were pretty good, though none were truly remarkable.

The brew pub had a very cool setup. You walk in through the brew house and into a nice little barroom. Out back, there was a beautiful open courtyard with tables around two sides, some trees and greenery in the middle, and a beanbag tossing zone at the back. The beer was nice, but not life-changing, but the ambiance was memorable and relaxing. If you're in Nashville and looking for a chill place to sip beer, eat some chow, and catch your breath, you could be a lot worse than Fat Bottom.

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