Sunday, 17 August 2014

Inertia 2

My second foray into Brassneck Brewery's offerings was their Interia 2, a barrel aged stout with a whopping 11% alcohol. For some context, I was with some pals at the brewery on a very sticky, hot Vancouver afternoon. Unfortunately, a boozy, sweet stout was not the right call for a hot day. Still, I'm an amateur professional, so I battled through by enjoying my 12oz. mug of draught like a champ.

Inertia 2 is an oil-black ale topped with a rather thin layer of tan head. Its extremely sweet aroma is full of alcohol, woodsy, and has a honey character. At first sniff, you can definitely tell that this stuff has known a barrel--my guess is bourbon was the previous occupant.

The flavour is syrupy sweet, particularly in the early stages. There is some molasses in there, as well as a grain alcohol streak and some vanilla bean bounce. It's a very warm, thick ale--way too heavy for July.  The finish has boozy tobacco notes and an understated, but enjoyable, bitter presence.

The 11% heat was great and the bourbon/vanilla combo was enjoyable. However, Inertia 2 was too sweet for this guy. Still, if you're in Van City and find yourself with a hankering for a sluggishly sweet dark mug of ale, this stuff is a fine option. I'd definitely revisit it one day--preferably near Xmas.

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