Thursday, 21 August 2014

Lawn Chair "Classic" Weisse

As a longtime fan of comically unnecessary quotation marks, I found myself instantly drawn to Hop City Brewing Co.'s Lawn Chair "Classic" Weisse. What is that punctuation supposed to suggest?

This beer hails from Brampton, Ontario. The 473mL can is Miami teal and is emblazoned with a "classic" lawn chair. Lawn Chair contains 5% alcohol. It's a bright golden brew--slightly hazy and pours with a thick, white head that faded quickly. I noticed some floaties, but these seemed to be spice particles. The very aggressive aroma has considerable spiciness, a hint of black pepper, and, as advertized on the can, a touch of clove. It's also accompanied by some chill fruit. The flavour begins very sweetly, with wheaty notes and loads of fruit esthers. There's a bit of spice to bring up the rear, but in a restrained fashion.

Lawn Chair is too sweet to be refreshing and it lacks the subtlety that makes for a truly excellent wheat beer. Still, it does have a modestly enjoyable flavour. Would I buy it again?  I imagine that I might. Should you? I guess. It's nice stuff on a hot day.

Rating: 6.0 out of 10.

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