Saturday, 17 May 2014

Stolichnoe Export

The can really drew my to this beer.  It's a 500mL vessel that features a pretty rad looking cityscape and says "Brewed by Classic Technology" across the top.  How could I possibly resist picking up Stolichnoe Export?

Haling from Moscow, Russia, Stolichnoe is brewed by the Ochakovo Brewery. It contains a slightly underpowered 4.6% alcohol. It is an extremely clear and highly carbonated pale yellow lager that rocks a bright white head.

Stolichnoe Export has a grainy aroma with a slight floral quality. A thin mouthfeel and the low alcohol content make this a very guzzlable brew. Its flavour is slightly sweet and grassy, particularly in the early going, while the finish has vaguely bitter leanings. It's amazingly fizzy, but manages to have a fairly smooth, thin texture.

As is often my complaint with macro-brewed pale lagers, this stuff doesn't have quite enough flavour or character for my tastes. Still, I might by it again for summertime Saturday afternoon drinking.  I really dig the aesthetics of the can.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.

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