Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Natural Selections 6 Pack--Switch Back IPA

My first review from the BC Brewers Guild's Natural Selections 6 pack is for Switch Back IPA, a clear and highly carbonated golden ale that comes from Victoria, British Columbia's Lighthouse Brewing Co.

Switch Back has a healthy alcohol content, checking in at 6.5%. It is sold in 355mL bottles that feature a dude mountain biking on the label. It pours 'neath a cap of foamy white head, and has an aroma that has some sweet elements, but is primarily driven by citrus and resiny hops. A full-bodied flavour begins with dank malt notes before bitterness sweeps in to steal the spotlight. The hops flavour is slightly hempy, with some notes of citrus rind and a light kiss of peach. The finish is bitter and considerably dry.

This beer certainly didn't look as I expected it to. It was lighter in colour and more clear than many India pale ales. Also, I can't recall ever drinking an I.P.A. with quite so much carbonation. I foiund Switch Back to be flavourful and reasonably well balanced. I wouldn't have complained if the hop character was a bit more crisp and direct.  Still, this stuff marked an auspicious start to the mixed six.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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