Monday, 5 May 2014

Brooklyn Summer Ale

Brooklyn Summer Ale comes, perhaps not shockingly, from Brooklyn, New York.  It's a seasonal product of the outstanding Brooklyn Brewery.  At 5%, it is sold in 355mL bottles. BSA has a bright and cheery label, which it matches with a gently hazy, golden colour. It's amply carbonated and wears a white head that fades pretty quickly.

This summer ale has a sweet and grainy aroma that has considerable bread dough notes. It's a very mild and thirst-quenching beer--mild, but not without character. The flavour is soft and sweet, with a "bakery fresh" vibe. I know that doughy and bakery fresh aren't the type of adjectives that one would typically associate with a refreshing summer brew, but somehow this stuff works. It tastes like beer-ified warm rolls. There's a dusting of hops at the back end, though nothing worth writing home about.

A bit more body would have been nice, as would a touch more emphasis on the finish. It is, however, an interesting take on a summer beer.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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