Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Matilda is a Belgian-style pale ale brewed in Chicago, Illinois by the Goose Island Beer Company. It's sold in 765mL bottles that have an elegant, wine-style look. It contains a hearty 7% alcohol. The bottle says that this beer can be aged for up to five years--it aged in my fridge from about Friday to Sunday until I cracked. The label also notes that this brew is "a pale ale re-fermented with brettanomyces".

It's a cheery, golden-coloured ale--hazy and with carbonation to spare. It pours with a very thick cream head. It has a very yeasty aroma.  It's slightly tart, with a wedge of apple. It has a bubbly, airy mouthfeel. The flavour is surprisingly mild. Notes of tart fruit and a big, Belgian yeast drive the front end, while an understated bitterness follows close behind.

I was expecting sour, but tart was more or less what I got. I imagine that if I'd had the patience, this stuff would have evolved and matured interestingly, but that just ain't my style. And as an apartment dweller, I don't really have the space to leave beers to age. Fresh off the shelf, Matilda was a clean and chipper Belgian-style beer. Fizzy, fresh, and yeasty, with an interesting flavour.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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