Thursday, 6 February 2014

Ben's Pale Ale

Ben's Pale Ale was my second foray into the offerings from Fredericton, New Brunswick's Grimross Brewing. I enjoyed a pint on tap at a classy Fredericton bar. Ben's Pale clocks in at 6% alcohol, according to the Grimross website.

After ordering, I had a faintly hazy copper-gold ale set in front of me. It came topped with a thick, white head. It had a very lively yeasty aroma that walked hand-in-hand with a whiff of hops. The beer had an undeniable Belgian feel--it's quite yeast-driven, slightly tart, and featured a pleasingly bitter and quite dry finish. Along the way, there is a slight twist of green apple.

It's pretty interesting to order a local brew in a small city in New Brunswick and be handed a respectable Belgian-style pale ale. Craft beer has been alive and well in New Brunswick for years, but my most recent visit convinced me that things are getting even better. Grimross Brewing gives Fredericton a second quality purveyor of choice ales.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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