Saturday, 1 June 2013

Mill St. Oktoberfest Beer

The Mill St. Brewery is one of Toronto's finest. I had a 355mL bottle of one of their seasonal brews, Oktoberfest Beer, as part of a fall package deal (the other half was their pumpkin ale, Nightmare on Mill Street).

The Mill St. Oktoberfest Beer was an amber lager with a 5.6% alcohol content. A deep, reddish gold colour, M.S.O.B. pours clear, with moderate carbonation and some eggshell head.  It has a toasty malt aroma. The flavour is pretty robust, and features notes of caramel, copper, and faint bitterness, all wrapped up in a toasty package.

Mill St. Oktoberfest Beer is a pretty tasty brew.  It's smooth and easy-drinking, but with lots of body for a lager.  Plus, at 5.6% alcohol, I'm smiling.

Rating; 8.0 out of 10.

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