Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Cannery Brewing Blackberry Porter

I find the concept of a blackberry porter absolutely irresistible.  I mean, a sultry midnight black beer brewed with juicy berries--damn.  How could I not buy it?

The Cannery Brewing Blackberry Porter hails from Penticton, British Columbia.  Not surprisingly, it's brewed by the Cannery Brewing Co. It's sold in great 650mL bottles and contains a respectable 6% alcohol. The bottle decries "Small Brewery Big Flavour!" and the label lists "natural blackberry flavour" as an ingredient.

This blackberry brew has the same deep, dark brown/amber colour and creamy tan head as a mug of root beer. It's sweet aroma has some mild fruitiness to go with some coffee elements. It's smooth and mil on the front end, with some sizable bitterness lurking near the rear. The blackberry flavour is more a hint or a suggestion than a command--it exists more in the aroma than in the taste.

This stuff is a treat, and not just 'cause I adore blackberries. It's a very well executed flavoured beer, since it'd be a pretty tasty porter without the fruit essence.  Even the fruit flies in my backyard liked this one.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10.

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