Saturday, 15 June 2013

Chimay Primière

Chimay Primière is brewed at Scourmont Abbey.  It's bottled by S.A. Bières de Chimay, in Baileux, Belgium. It's a trappist ale and, I think, a dubbel.  It's sold in a heavy, corked 750mL bottle and contains a muscular 7% alcohol.
Love the big bottle ...

C.P. pours a muddy, orange-brown colour. It's reasonably well carbonated and crowned with a persistent cream head. It has a highly malty aroma with notes of dried fruit and lots of yeast. It has a surprisingly delicate flavour for a Belgian ale with 7% alcohol. There are sweet malt flavours. Breadiness and some dark fruit notes precede a reasoanbly hoppy finish.

... and the cork, too.

I like this stuff a lot. It's a good into into serious Belgian ales without being too intimidating or overpowering. When i sometimes find myself in the mood for a big beer that doesn't have the staggering potency of some other Belgians, Chimay Primière is the ticket.  Just be sure not to drink two in one night.

Rating; 8.5 out of 10.

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