Monday, 11 February 2013

Hop Head Black India Pale Ale

If there are any words that this beer geek can't resist, they're "Limited Edition".  When I see them, I open up the ol' wallet pretty damn quick.  These words were emblazoned on the label of Tree Brewing Co.'s Hop Head Black India Pale Ale. HHBIPA is a formidable dark ale sold in 650mL bottles featuring badass black, grey and red labels.  It is brewed in Kelowna, British Columbia and contains a robust 8.8% alcohol.

HHBIPA pours an extremely dark brown, almost opaque, and topped with a thick tan head. It has a big aroma that blends dark malts with molasses and rich fruits. The flavour starts sweet and malty with fig/raisin notes, like a boozy fruitcake, but veers hard to bitter. It has the pungent, powerful bitterness of a full-bodied espresso.

This is a take-no-prisoners style brew.  It's strong, potent and bold. Still, in spite of all the bravado, there is some real craft on display. The flavours are neatly blended, creating a complex taste sensation, and they come out nicely as the beer warms. This stuff is great with a cigar as an accessory.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10.


  1. Stout Man, how do you find this compairs to the standard Hop Head IPA?

    Personal I find HHIPA to be to "Hoppy" for my tastes but I do like dark beers with thick heads, esspecially at 8.8%! maybe ill see if our pourly stocked local store has any of these laying around.

  2. While I enjoy the standard Hop Head, this stuff is much bigger and more flavourful. Hoppier, yes, but also more nuanced and deeper.