Saturday, 23 February 2013

Hockley Amber

Hockley Amber is brewed by the Hockley Valley Brewing Co., out of Orangeville, Ontario. It contains a somewhat unimpressive 4.2% alcohol and comes in 473mL cans.  The can boldly states "Clean, crisp, light body. This is great beer." The can also has a recipe for "Cathy's Amber Battered Fish" which is a cool idea and sounds tasty.
Billed as "Canadian Amber Ale", Hockley Amber pours a mostly clear amber colour, crowned with a thick cream head. It has a mild, toasty malt aroma. The flavour is dominated by a full malt profile. There's also a bit of brown sugar sweetness. The beer is pretty toasty and finishes with a respectable dollop of English ale bitterness.

I don't entirely agree with Hockley Valley's characterization of this beer as crisp and light-bodied. It's clean, sure, but I would have called it malty and full-bodied for a beer with so little alcohol.  A great beer?  I'd be inclined to call it pretty good.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.  It'd be an 8 if it had a bit more booze.

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