Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Cameron's RPA

Cameron's RPA comes from the Cameron's Brewing Co. in Oakville, Ontario. I had a pint on tap at a local watering hole.  According to the Cameron's website, the RPA contains 6.6% alcohol. It's a brassy, cloudy pint, topped with an off-white head.  It has a beautiful citrus-y hop aroma with a pretty boisterous grapefruit presence.  It has a tart, citrus flavour with more than ample hop bitterness.  Grapefruit is a huge contributor. It has all of the bitterness of a conventional IPA--I'd guess that this stuff has a pretty substantial IBU count--but a little something extra too.  The big hop presence continues through the finish.

I used this rye beer to wash down a smoked meat on rye and it was fantastic.  The brew is high quality deliciousness.  It's the only Ontario rye beer that I've ever seen and it only seems to be available in select bars.  If you see it, buy it.  You want to try it.  Trust me.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10.

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