Thursday, 13 December 2012

Samuel Adams Spring Lager

I know that it seems weird to be posting about a springtime brew in December, but I have so many reviews already queued up, or written and awaiting typing, that I actually drank this little brew around June.  Weird times.

Samuel Adams Spring Lager is a tasty offering from the Boston Beer Company out of Boston, Massachusetts.  It comes in 355mL bottles and contains 5.5% alcohol. It pours a cloudy, moderately carbonated yellow-orange colour. Topped with a foam of eggshell head, this brew looks pretty convincingly like a witbier.

Spring Lager has a fruity, almost floral aroma. The label led me to expect citrus flavour, and while there are some faint citrus notes, I mostly got sweet breadiness and a hint of grain. Also, maybe some clover?  There's not a lot of hops in this one--just a touch near the back end keeps this beer from being overly sweet.

This is a nice, fresh tasting beer. It has an interesting flavour and I liked a lot of things about it.  Try it!

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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