Friday, 7 December 2012

Shock Top

Shock Top is a "Belgian-style White Ale" produced by Shock Top Brewing Co. out of St. Louis, Missouri. It comes in a pretty cool looking 473mL can featuring a shades-sporting, mohawk-wearing orange wedge. S.T. clocks in at 5.2% alcohol. According to the can, the beer is "[b]rewed with coriander, orange, lemon and lime peel."

S.T. is  a cloudy, golden straw coloured ale with lots of carbonation and a white head. Citrus rind is the prominent aroma. It has an effervescent mouthfeel--perhaps a bit thin. It's a fair impression of a Belgian witbier--corriander and citrus flavours are both present and accounted for. There is very little aftertaste--it's nice and fruity, but short.

Shock Top is a convincing white ale.  It's not showstopping, but it is undoubtedly refreshing and tasty. It makes a great complement to a hot day. For a widely available American ale, this stuff has some style. Plus, I appreciate the 5.2% alcohol.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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