Saturday, 1 December 2012

Yanjing Beer

Yanjing cans state that it is "No. 1 beer from China". This pale lager is brewed by the Beijing Yanjing Brewery Co. out of Beijing, China.  It's sold in 500mL cans and clocks in at the standard 5% alcohol. The can also states that the beer within is has "Fresh, smooth taste for your drinking pleasure".

A pale lager, Yanjing pours a clear pale gold colour. It has ample fizz and it topped with a white head. The aroma is made up of notes of grass and grain. Flavours of sweetish cereal grains dominate. There are also grassy notes. This leads to a relatively bitter finish. The aftertaste has a fair degree of hops for a pale lager.

In my opinion, Yanjing is not bad for a pale lager.  It's plenty drinkable, if perhaps a bit thin. I didn't like it a whole lot at first, but it grew on me as my pint went down. For me, the best part was the admirable bitterness in the finish--more punch than I tend to expect from the genre.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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