Monday, 13 August 2012

Capitol City Brewing Company

The first time I visited Washington D.C., I stumbled upon the Capitol City Brewing Co. (stumbled upon it and then stumbled out). I was reasonably impressed with their wares, so, on a recent return visit to the American capital, returning to the CCBC and reviewing their beers was a top priority.  However, it wasn't as easy as I'd imagined. I dragged my poor father to the site of the brew pub I'd visited a few years earlier, only to find it a brew pub no more.  All wasn't lost--we found a quality Irish pub in the vicinity, where we were able to watch a hockey game and take shelter from the rain--but I was determined to get back to the CCBC.  Next day, I tracked down another location and made my way there solo.

What I found was a decent bar atmosphere--not exactly warm and cozy, but adequate, bustling and supplemented by a pretty good menu.  They had a handful of brews on tap, spanning the colours of the brewing rainbow.  I did my best to review them all, but I'm just one man.  I had a sample flight of five small portions, a full pint of their Irish red and, for good measure, another sample for the road, all washed down with a plate of beef sliders.

Apart from the location I visited in downtown D.C., the Capitol City Brewing Co. has another location in Arlington, Virginia.  That's where the actual brewing is done. They have a main roster of four signature beers that are available year-round: a kölsch, an amber ale, a pale ale, and a porter. Additionally, they have a variety of seasonal brews.

Stay tuned--over the next few days, I'll be posting reviews of each of the brews I tried.

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