Saturday, 3 December 2011

Red Racer India Pale Ale

This jammin' little I.P.A. hails from Surrey, British Columbia, where it is brewed by the Central City Brewing Company.  It contains 6.5% alcohol, which puts it just over the line into the nebulous "strong beer" category.  This brew is sold in 355mL cans that feature a foxy cartoon redhead riding a bicycle.
Red Racer is a murky, copper-coloured ale crowned with a thick foamy cap of off-white head.  It features an enormous hop aroma, that tosses a little something sweet into the mix.  There's a very robust, dry, hoppy flavour that gives way to a long, lingering aftertaste.  The finish remains hop-tastic, but accented by some caramel sweetness.
Followers of my blog will know that I don't go for insanely hoppy beers unless they've got something else to offer as well.  This brew has all the hops, but also heaps of character.  There is a huge flavour that is enhanced by some subtle nuance.  It is definitely delicious.  This one is definitely worth a try.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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