Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Sagres Cerveja

Partner, cats and I live in Toronto's Little Portugal neighbourhood.  As a result, Sagres, on of Portugal's most popular brews, is practically always on offer at the liquor store.  It's a pale lager, weighs in at 5% and comes in 330mL bottles.  And it ain't half bad.
Sagres is a highly carbonated, clear, straw coloured pale lager.  It is graced with a thin but persistent white head and leaves behind tons of lace.  The aroma is wheaty with a touch of corn.  Not surprisingly, it is thin and the flavour is mild, as is typical of South Western European brews.  Still, the taste is plenty enjoyable for a macro lager.  It starts sweet, finishes bitter and has notes of wheat, corn and barley.  It's actually pretty nicely balanced for a pale lager.  The aftertaste is short and bitter.

No discussion of Sagres would be complete without mentioning its woefully inadequate packaging.  Six pack are sold, not in a proper box, but rather in a disagreeable cardboard sleeve.  As a result, if you aren't careful, you're liable to watch helplessly as all six bottles plummet to the ground just because you deigned to pick up your sixer from the wrong angle.  Not to mention the fact that these crappy sleeves are useless when it comes time to return your empties.  Ugh.

Packaging disaster notwithstanding, this brew turns up in my fridge from time to time, and not just because it is Partner's cup of tea.  I find it to be a refreshing if unremarkable little pint.  Its thin and mild, but perfect for sunny afternoons playing bocce or croquet.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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