Thursday, 15 December 2011

BREWERY TOUR: Mill St. Brewery

It's time for a new feature here at Bitter World.  Every now and again, I think it'd be nice to get out and visit the breweries where the beer I love is lovingly crafted.  Take a tour, learn a little something.  Then, I'll write about it.  For you.  To read.

The Mill St. Brewery is located in Toronto's oh so trendy Distillery District, where they've been churning out frosty suds for the better part of a decade.  The tour is FREE, which is amazing.  While waiting for people to arrive, prospective tour-takers are assembled in the brewery's retail shop, where small cups of Mill St.'s four everyday brews (tanknhouse, organic, stock ale and coffee porter) are available to sample.
Once the appointed hour has arrived, a guide leads the group into the brewery for the brief tour.  The tour contains some information about the Distillery District, the brewery itself and the beers produced.  However, a large chunk of time is devoted to the beer-making process.  Personnaly, I would have liked the focus to remain on Mill St. and its beers, but the beer lesson made the tour accessible to all.
For a free tour, I'd say my expectations were exceeded.  There were free samples, an informative tour leader and some quality information.  Sure, the tour was short and it was a bit basic, but it was FREE.  You can't beat that!  Definitely take a trip down to Mill St. if you're in the Toronto area.

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