Wednesday, 2 November 2011

1715 Lvivske Premium Lager

When I picked up a bottle of Lvivske Premium Lager, the woman working the register at the liquor store informed me that she, like the beer, was Ukrainian.  I asked her for a tutorial on how to pronounce the name.  After several torturous attempts, she advised me that I should simply call it 1715.

1715 hails from Kleparivska, Ukraine, where it is brewed by the Lvivska Brewery.  This pale lager is sold in 500mL bottles and has 5% alcohol.  Ontario's liquor stores have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to Eastern European pale lagers.  When making my selection, I look for things that set a particular brew apart.  For 1715, I was persuaded by the badass cap that featured a crowned lion hoisting a beer stein.  Simple things...
This Ukrainian brew is slightly darker in colour than a typical pale lager--a bit more golden than straw.  These suds are topped by a thin, white head.  There is a slight amount of lace and a moderate amount of carbonation.  The aroma is wheaty, with a touch of apple.  The mouthfeel is extremely thin.  Tastewise, 1715 is inoffensive, but unremarkable.  The flavour progresses from corny malt to slight bitterness.  Along the way, there really aren't any other taste notes to speak of.  There is barely any aftertaste at all.

1715 is an ordinary Eastern European pale lager.  It is extremely drinkable and refreshing--a good sunny day brew.  However, it is thin and lacking in distinctive character.  Lager fans will enjoy this one, but beer snobs might be less impressed.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.

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