Monday, 28 November 2011

Creemore Springs-Kellerbier

The Creemore Springs Brewery of Creemore, Ontario makes a handsome, slightly cloudy sunburst orange brew known as Kellerbier.  Sold in 473mL cans and weighing in at 5% alcohol, the Kellerbier displays moderate carbonation and a generous cream head.
The Creemore Kellerbier was a tricky beer for me to review because it's not a style that I've got much familiarity with.  In fact, this is the only kellerbier I've ever tried.  This makes contextual rating a challenge.  According to the brief history lesson on the can, kellerbiers have a centuries old history in Germany.  They are unfiltered, resulting in cloudiness and are meant to be flavourful and refreshing.  These are the basic criteria that I'll use for my review.

The Kellerbier features a big hop aroma balanced against mellow caramel notes.  It's really a great smelling beer.  The flavour carries a lot of hop bitterness at the front end, giving way gradually to a zesty citrus aftertaste.

Based on the simple criteria of cloudiness, flavour and refreshment, the Creemore Kellerbier performs well.  It has a tangy, engaging flavour.  Though it isn't exactly what I would call refreshing, it is an interesting brew--one that leaves me eager to further explore the kellerbier category.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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