Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Weiss/Wit/Wheat Week: Dennison's Weissbier

Recently, a dream of mine came true.  My partner and I have dated for a long time and throughout the majority of our relationship, she has insisted that she isn't interested in beer.  Recently, she has decided that perhaps beer isn't so bad.  Her taste runs to the lighter end of the spectrum, preferring lagers and other pale brews.  This week, she agreed to review a beer with me.  I'm pretty pumped about it.
Because Partner prefers lighter tasting beer, we opted for a wheat beer.  Denison's Weissbeer is billed as a Bavarian-style wheat beer.  Brewed by Denison's Brewing Company, the Weissbeer hails from Toronto.  It is sold in 473mL cans.  It weighs in at a respectable 5.3%.
D.W. poured pale and cloudy straw colour.  It was considerably fizzy.  Said Partner, "It's like a crazy carbonation party."  The aroma was a delightful blend of tart fruit notes--pear and apple.  As Partner evocatively put it, "It smells like walking through an orchard after a cold rain."
The flavour begins with a cider-like pear flavour that moves toward a sour, bready aftertaste.  Nestled somewhere in between is the typical weissbier orange peel flavour.  The slightly elevated alcohol content is fairly evident.  In fact, D.W. might actually taste stronger than it is.  For that reason, it isn't particularly sessionable, but it's enjoyable nonetheless.  The mouthfeel is medium and quite fizzy.
Both Partner and I enjoyed this brew and would drink it again.  We agreed that it'd be quite enjoyable with a meal.  As weissbeers go, Denison's was pretty good.  Nice aroma, inviting initial taste, and considerably refreshing.  The sour aftertaste was a touch unwieldy, which kept the rating from being higher, but still a solid pint.

Rating:  7.5 out of 10 (Partner said 7.0).

Also, Arlo thought it smelled good:

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