Friday, 7 April 2017

Through the Quad Belgian Quadrupel

St. Jacobs, Ontario, the home of Block 3 Brewing Co., is the birthplace of their Through the Quad Belgian Quadrupel, a Belgian-style strong ale. And at 10% even, it is strong. Swig a 500mL bottle of this brew and clear your schedule.

Through the Quad looks for all the world like a stout--it's dark brown/black, opaque, and ringed with off-white head. It has a sweet and fruity nose that also manages to incorporate a whiff of coffee. Flavour is malt driven, with notes of honey and fruit coming before a faintly bitter finish. Through it all, booze is a constant flavour note.

As an uncontextualized strong ale, Through the Quad sings a lovely tune. As a simulacrum of a Belgian quad, it fares well enough in terms of vigour, though it lacks the yeasty demeanor of a classic quadrupel. That said, though, it is an agreeable shot at a tricky style, done with strength and artistry. I seldom spot Block 3 brews, but when I do, I snap them up quite eagerly, since they tend to be well made and somewhat unconventional. Such is the story with Through the Quad--a nicely constructed beer that, while not exactly representative of the style, is quite delicious and fiendishly potent.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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