Sunday, 2 April 2017


UPA is a beer with a concept I can get behind. Brewed by Toronto's Henderson Brewing Company, it's an IPA that honours the Union-Pearson Express--the commuter train that runs back and forth between Canada's largest airport and Union Station every 6.5 minutes, right behind Henderson's brewery. In honour of the train, the beer actually contains 6.5% alcohol.

Union Pearson Ale is a moderately hazy reddish-gold brew. It pours with a very fluffy millinery of off-white head. It's fragrance suggests balance between toasted malts and a decent level of hoppiness. Its flavour walks in those same tracks, with an alluring mix of warm malts and a bit of bitterness. Under the hood, there are some buttery notes, and a slightly generic hoppiness--not particularly citric or evergreen--just hops.

UPA is a very drinkable India pale. Its unassuming alcohol count makes it close to sessionable (for those with tested livers) and its flavour is nice enough, but isn't overly assertive or boisterous. This is a good starter IPA for drinkers of macro brews looking to dig deeper into the world of craft ales. But for pros, it might seem a bit mild. That said, it's clearly well made, and brewed with some skill. I'm a big fan of Henderson, and this beer is certainly worthy of their name. Would (and will) definitely buy again.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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