Sunday, 9 April 2017

Juicy Ass IPA

During a winter getaway to Midland and Tiny, Ontario, I ducked into a little café called Ciboulette et Cie. I was looking for a baked good to nosh on, but I also found a pretty good tap list and couldn't resist the luster of a beer called Juicy Ass IPA. From Barrie, Ontario's Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery, Juicy Ass is a a 6.5% alcohol India pale. It was a gently hazy golden ale that poured with just the right amount of fluffy white head. It had an assertively fruity nose with lots of tropical vibes. The flavour is also quite juicy, with some passion fruit notes. However, it veers pretty sharply toward dry bitterness at the back end.

The interplay between bright tropical elements and vibrant bitterness made this a really enjoyable accoutrement to a sunny winter afternoon.

Rating: 8.5 out 10.

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