Thursday, 8 September 2016

Thomas Mullins Pale Ale

During a recent jaunt to Simcoe, Ontario, the Bitter Wife and I ducked into a little brew pub and bottle shop named The Blue Elephant Craft Brew House. Other than a tasty buffalo chicken in my belly, I left with a sextet of cans--two each of three brews.

The first one I sampled had a slightly inscrutable label. It was handwritten and appeared to say Thomas Mullins Pale Ale, but that might have been an error on my part, since the name was largely smudged out. Not smudged, though was the 5.1% and the fact that this stuff was brewed on August 12--I bought it on August 13!

Whatever it's called, my beer poured clear and golden, with a fluffy white head. It looked like a macro lager, but smelled like a grassy and mild ale--sweet, fresh, and faintly bitter. The flavour proved to be more floral and pastoral than dry and bitter, which wasn't what I wanted, but served me well enough all the same. 

Very light, mellow, and chill, Thomas Mullins (?) was an agreeable, if innocuous, piece of brewing. Extremely crushable, this'd be a fine ale to bring to a BBQ or a house party. Not short on flavour exactly, but very mild and almost fragile. I'd have loved a bit more hops ballast to crisp it out a bit though, as it lacked punch/bite through the finish. Pleasant, but rather forgettable, this stuff was an ale with an emphasis on the pale.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.

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