Sunday, 18 September 2016

Hoppyum IPA

According to the 12oz bottle, the recipe for brewing up some Hoppyum IPA is pretty basic: "Take some hoppy. Add some yum." Sounds good to me! Yet another gift from the legendary KC (best pal a beer blogger could ask for!), this beaut came highly recommended by a gal who knows her bitter ales.

This elegant clear amber-gold ale comes from Winston-Salem in North Carolina. It's brewed by Foothills Brewing. At 6.25% and 78 IBUs, booze is on the mid to low end of the India pale ale spectrum, while the hops level sits mid to high. From beneath the dense fog of off-white head emerged a potent nose. Juicy orange notes dancing cheek to cheek with sticky hops made for quite the inviting scent. Southern citrus notes could also be found in the flavour, which was nicely balanced and built to a mildly resinous finish.

Hoppyum proved to be an upper echelon IPA. I'd have asked for a bit more booze, but the flavour, with its rich orange and lemon leanings, was just lovely.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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