Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Alpha Bomb IPA

At the end of a challenging work week, I found myself craving hops, and plenty of them. Lo and behold, I discovered a 473mL can of Alpha Bomb IPA in my local store, ready for my grubby mitts. Brewed in Kanata, Ontario by Big Rig Brewery, this hoppy number contains 6.6% alcohol and, according to the green and silver can, boasts "big grapefruit and tropical fruit hop character." 

In my glass, the beer proved to be a hazy orange-brown grog, and poured with a hefty layer of creamy head. This unfiltered IPA was cloudy and desirable, with a decidedly fruity scent--bitter, but with loads of the promised tropical notes. To my tongue, this little rascal was more fruity than it was bitter. It had some IBUs to be sure, but not enough to set the dial spinning like Boneshaker by Amsterdam or even Muskoka's Mad Tom. Along with the hops came something gently floral, which I found to be a welcome addition. The finish had some hops but was well balanced.

Having tried a few brews from Big Rig, I feel safe in saying that their Alpha Bomb is their superior ale. It's quite lovely. Not exactly the hop bomb I wanted, but well constructed and tasty.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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