Sunday, 18 October 2015

Dark Matter

Dark Matter came to me by way of Victoria, British Columbia. It gets its start in life at the Hoyne Brewing Company, where it is coddled up to a strength of 5.3% alcohol and bundled into 650mL bottles. The labels on these hefty bottles are lovely, displaying a campfire and the aurora borealis. Curiously, there is no style listed on the bottle; just "beer/bière". I'm gonna call it a dark ale, likely a porter, and double check on their website later.

Stout dark, and topped with a layer of cream head, Dark Matter has an extremely malt forward aroma. There are also notes of molasses and raisin to tickle the nose. It's got a creamy mouthfeel and ample flavour. The latter leans heavily to the malty side of the spectrum, and favours roasted grain and mocha vibes.

Victoria is a city that I've yet to visit, but I've tried a lot of craft beer that hails from BC's capital, and it's got me hankerin' to make the trip. Dark Matter is a credit to its hometown. Not quite as strong or as bitter as I'd have liked it, but rich in texture and flavour.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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