Friday, 2 October 2015

Dead Crow Bourbon Beer

In exchange for watching his cats while he's away, my brother usually leaves me some beer in his fridge. It's a pretty civilized arrangement. And because of my propensity for trying new beers, he'll often leave me a few bottles of something I might not have tried (though this is becoming an increasingly tough endeavour). The last time he was away, he found something new to me: Dead Crow Bourbon Beer.

According to the label, Dead Crow is brewed by an English outfit inspiringly called Beverage Brands, which operates out of Gloucester. The beer, a clear, honey-hued number, comes in clear 330mL bottles and contains 5.5% alcohol. It's kinda hard to tell from my shitty photo, but there is a raised map of the world etched into the bottle. It poured with a scant head and had a curiously tart, almost cider-ish aroma. I found the stuff to be extremely sweet, with little in the way of beery qualities--you know, bitterness or maltiness. Like the nose, the flavour had more to do with a sugary cider than a beer. Toward the end, there was a touch of boozy heat that made me think of bourbon, but really only slightly.

I can't blame my bro for trying, since he found something that I'd never tried and gave me something to write about, but Dead Crow Bourbon Beer was definitely not for me. I found it slightly disagreeable, actually. But don't let my own cool reception dull your fervor. By all means give it a try. Let me know what you think!

Rating: 4.0 out of 10.

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