Thursday, 22 October 2015

Pickup Truck Pilsner

Watching the Toronto Blue Jays battle the Royals in the ALCS, I worked up a powerful thirst. Given that it was a Saturday afternoon, crisp and cool, but bright and sunny, I figured that a pilsner was the way to go. I cracked a 473mL can of Pickup Truck Pilsner, an effort from Nobleton, Ontario's Thornbury Beverage Company. It contained 4.8% alcohol and poured a bubbly clear gold, underneath a healthy white head.

There was a mild, fresh grainy aroma. To my palate, Pickup Truck had a crisp, grassy flavour, backed with a pretty fair hops crunch. It's flaw is a thin and slightly watery front end, but it isn't fatal.

Pickup Truck is a decent Ontario pilsner. It's nicely hopped and quite refreshing. Like pilsners? If you've got, as they say on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the "thrills for the pils", this one won't disappoint. It's not top shelf stuff, but it's agreeable.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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