Monday, 26 October 2015

Short Pier, Long Walk Double IPA

Listed as containing "100+ IBU", what Short Pier, Long Walk Double IPA lacks in specificity it makes up for with the promise of massive bitterness. Sold in gorgeous and somewhat imposing 750mL bombers, this strong ale contains 8.4% alcohol. According to the production date listed on the bottle (2015/10/06), this stuff was brewed just two weeks before I cracked it open.

Short Pier, Long Walk is the brainchild of Refined Fool Brewing Co., an outfit that operates out of Sarnia, Ontario. It's a slightly murky orange-gold grog that pours underneath a fluffy off-white head. With a hoppy citrus aroma, this beer seems mighty inviting. As for flavour, sweetness and bitterness are tangled up around a set of juicy grapefruit notes. Very astringent, this mug o'suds has hops enough to strip the enamel from your chompers,  but isn't too bitter to be enjoyable.

Get ready of an unseemly dose of alliteration: Big bottles + bitter bite + bountiful booze = badass beer. Refined Fool was new to me, but if their Short Walk, Long Pier is any indication, Ontarian beer fans has a new brewery to expect big things from. I'll most definitely be watching for new offerings.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10.

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