Monday, 6 July 2015

Engineer's India Pale Ale

"Bold, complex and finely balanced" reads the label of Engineer's India Pale Ale, the 6.2% alcohol Torontonian IPA from Junction Craft Brewing.

Engineer's is a hazy brass coloured ale that pours with a sudsy, off-white head. Its nose oscillates between evergreen and metallic, though there is also a touch of spice to the stuff. In terms of flavour, pine and citrus notes agree on bitterness, though at 60 IBUs, not overly astringent or overpowering. As with the aroma, there's a spice quality that adds a little panache.

So, is it, as promised by the label on the 500mL bottle, "bold, complex and finely balanced"? Somewhat. Bold is a bit of a stretch, particularly when compared to other Ontario IPAs that have a bit more pop and grit (Mad Tom and Boneshaker leap to mind). Complex, though, is a fair term. The stuff is undeniably nuanced and has a certain depth. As for finely balanced, there's not a lot of malt focus to equalize the scale, but for an IPA, that's pretty much fine by me.

Not as instantly likable as Junction's Conductor's Craft, this stuff definitely has a lot going for it all the same. I'd have liked a bit more booze and a tad more brash assertiveness, though I'll certainly be buying it again.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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