Sunday, 12 July 2015

Centurion Beer

Centurion Beer hails from South River, Ontario, where it is created by the folks at the Highlander Brew Co. (the directing minds behind the enjoyable Highlander Scottish Ale). The 341mL bottle sports a label that isn't particularly informative (ale or lager? I'm pretty sure it's an ale, btw), but it does indicate that the beer is made with spruce tips and contains a meaty 6.0% alcohol. Additionally, the label notes "#F4LBR", which was basically inscrutable, though when I googled it, I learned that it referred to the Friends for Life Bike Rally, in support of the People with AIDS Foundation. A little more digging led me to the knowledge that Centurion Beer was developed with with folks involved in the bike rally. Why they couldn't just say that, I'll never know. Is money going to the cause, or are they just pals? I did really enjoy the edgy Marvin the Martian on the label though.

The beer is clear, pale gold, and ably carbonated. It poured with a thin layer of pearly head. The nose is floral, and has, not surprisingly, an evergreen bent. It has a mellow, agreeable mouthfeel and an easy-going but interesting taste profile. There is a touch of Christmas tree, but only subtly. There are a lot of blonde ale qualities--malt and hops, both mild in equal measures, plus a smooth-sipping feel.

At 6.0%, this beer isn't overpowering, but it does pack a decent kick. The use of spruce tips was deftly handled, with restraint and class. The underlying beer is a smidge better than ordinary, but it's definitely palatable. I'd certainly consider buying it again, particularly since I think Highlander is a cool and promising brewery with a bright future.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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