Monday, 20 July 2015

MacLean's India Pale Ale

MacLean's India Pale Ale is a product of Ontario's Grey County, where its crafted in Hanover by MacLean's Ales Inc. Sold in 500mL, Tusker-style bottles, this IPA contains a modest 6.5%. It has a tangy, bitter nose that is ably represented by notes of citrus rind and something faintly floral. With a pleasant, full-bodied vibe, this brew was just what the doctor ordered on a sunny and warm evening after an unseasonable cold snap. It has a juicy Valencia orange twist, some resinous leanings, and a dry, bitter finish.

MacLean's India Pale is a sexy, subtly hazy, golden-hued ale that pours with a fluffy layer of quickly fading eggshell head. I wasn't particularly impressed with my initial brush with MacLean's Ales, but this second one has me firmly back in their corner. There's not a lot on the down side of the ledger--a bit of yeasty sediment (but who really cares? Not the Stout Man!) and not a lot of malt gusto, but this was ultimately a very enjoyable pint of suds--500mL too, none of that 473mL bullshit.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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