Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Jever Pilsener

All the way from Jever, Germany comes Jever Pilsener. It's brewed by Friesisches Brauhaus, comes in a 500mL can, and contains 4.9% alcohol. Jever is an extremely pale yellow lager. It's wondrously carbonated and pours with a fluffy, bright white head.

Its aroma has a barnyard hay vibe and a suggestion of of generous (at least by pilsner standards) hopping. Jever has crisp Bavarian pilsner flavour that's grainy at first, but which is followed up with gritty Bavarian noble hops. Again for a pilsner, there's plenty of hefty IPU count.

Jever is a European pale lager with some balls. It's likely accessible, if a bit hoppy, for pale lager fans, but also cultured enough for beer geeks. My only complaints are the unassertive front end and the slightly understrength alcohol percentage. I'm also a fan of "pilsner" rather that "pilsener", but that has little bearing on the beer.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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