Thursday, 9 April 2015

French Press Vanilla Stout

French Press Vanilla Stout is brewed by the excellent folks at Double Trouble Brewing Co., a Guelph, Ontario outfit that has impressed me with their prowess in the form of Fire in the Rye Roasted Rye Pale Ale and the monstrously under appreciated Prison Break Breakout Pilsner. French Press comes in a curious 473mL can and contains a slightly downtrodden 4.8% alcohol. According to the can, this little number is brewed with both kiln coffee and natural vanilla flavour.

A becoming, black brew, F.P.V.S. pours with a deep tan head. It exudes a sweet, almost woody aroma and tastes, none to surprisingly, of coffee and vanilla. There is not a lot of bitterness to this stuff--it's more of a cafe au lait vibe than dark roast. This is complimented by a very smooth, lush mouthfeel. Oddly for a flavoured beer, there is very little aftertaste.

French Press Vanilla Stout is a decent enough little ale, though its has a mild flavour and lack of depth that leave it well in the shadow of its more impressive Double Trouble siblings. It's silky and makes a fine after dinner tipple.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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