Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Cerveza Renata

Toronto's C'est What? has a curious little list of beery cocktails (they call them "craftails"), some of which sound pretty damn tempting. On a Saturday in February, the Cerveza Renata caught my eye. It's a concoction composed of Finlandia vodka, Campari, Steam Whistle Pilsner, and a twist of orange, served on the rocks.

What I got was an attractive, clear orange potion. Bitter citrus in the nose, sweet through the middle, and boozy out back. It was actually a pretty beguiling little cocktail--a touch too sweet for me, perhaps, but more than interesting. On the beer front, the Steam Whistle is buried pretty deeply, but it does provide some carbonation, a grainy subtext, and a streak of malt through the finish. 

The Cerveza Renata is a combo that I couldn't have come up with in a million years, but one that worked pretty well.  Well played, C'est What?. You've done it again!

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