Friday, 6 March 2015

Red Rocket Coffee Spiced Stout

Brewed in Gravenhurst, Ontario by Sawdust City Brewing Co., this flavoured stout is brewed with a veritable spice rack of additives: coffee, cayenne, vanilla, and cinnamon are all listed in the ingredients list of the 473mL can. The Red Rocket contains 5.3% alcohol and a reasonable 35 IBUs. It's made using the house blend coffee from Red Rocket Coffee.

It's aroma is pregnant with coffee notes, and has a brush with vanilla as well. Flavour-wise, there's a lot going on. Initially malty, there are notes mocha and a soft vanilla sweetness. At the back end, the cayenne makes its presence felt, with a coy but significant spicy belt that hangs around backstage after the show. Of the cinnamon, I found no sign.

Red Rocket Coffee Spiced Stout is an unusual creation, and not entirely what I was expecting. I though sweet would rule the roost, but instead cayenne heat ended up carrying the day in a satisfying enough way. It's too piquant for a session, but it certainly warms the ol' bones on a chilly eve.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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