Sunday, 22 March 2015

Immodest Imperial IPA

Immodest Imperial IPA is a gut-punchingly strong brew (clocking in at a powerful 9%) produced in Burlington, Ontario by Nickel Brook Brewing Co.  I had a lovely 13oz. pour of the murky, dull orange soup on tap at Bar Hop, which is fast becoming my favourite spot to down suds in Toronto. It arrived with an attractive covering of off-white head, though it faded to a thin disc in a matter of moments.

Immodest has an aroma that broadcasts tropical fruit notes all across the Greater Toronto Area. It's got passion fruit and peach to spare, plus a wee waft of that citrus tang I love so much. Given the assertive nose, the flavour was unexpectedly mellow (in an imperial IPA context, anyway). It's very fruity on the front end, and packs an understated bitterness en arrière.  My glass was empty in a matter of minutes, which could clearly lead to immodesty on a grand scale.

I have long maintained that Nickel Brook is one of Ontario's most unsung (least sung? That's a hard double negative to avoid) breweries. NB has an evolving roster of beers and, other than its woeful Green Apple Pilsner, It consistently delivers quality goods. Immodest IIPA is another example of this. While it's not the finest imperial that Ontario has to offer, and it isn't quite as wiltingly bitter as I'd have asked for, it delivers an exotic flavour that was more than welcome on a chilly January's eve in Canada. Would I buy it again? Indubitably. Did I order a second? I did not. I've got things to go.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10.

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