Friday, 6 February 2015

Sam Roberts Band Session Ale

Sam Roberts Band Session Ale comes from the urban wilds of Toronto, Ontario, where it's built by Spearhead Brewing Company (makers of the truly excellent Spearhead Hawaiian Style Pale Ale).  I'm sure it's no accident that a beer named for a rock band contains 4.5% alcohol and 33 1/3 IBUs. It's a handsome caramel-coloured ale that comes in a 355mL bottle and decants with a thick layer of loose, off-white head.

The Session Ale has a bitter, slightly nutty nose. It has a thin body. Flavour-wise, the front end is a bit wanting, with only a faint malt presence. However, the finish is pretty solid, with a happy, hoppy heft. There are are also some caramel and nut notes.

The Sam Roberts Band Session Ale is a pretty decent, drinkable brew. It's a bit thin and a bit light on flavour, but it has a good, fulsome finish with sizable hops action. It's in tough in an Ontario market that has had some brilliant session ales popping up lately, and doesn't compare to the likes of Muskoka's Detour (review to come) and Nickel Brook's Naughty Neighbour, but it's a fine offering all the same.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10.

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